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Safe Neighborhoods

On the City Council, Hla will be a champion for safe and strong neighborhoods. Hla will be a fiscal steward of the city's hard earned tax dollars, ensuring the city budget is spent wisely and in the interest of keeping our community safe. In addition, she has a comprehensive plan addressing Fentanyl concerns in our schools and parks, advocating for Narcan prevention programs and community initiatives, and emphasizing consistent park maintenance to promptly remove biohazards like discarded needles, safeguarding our community.


Breaking the Cycle on

Hla is committed to finding and implementing long-term solutions to combat homelessness. This includes ensuring increased funding and accessibility to mental health services, addiction treatment programs, job training and development, and educational opportunities to address the underlying issues contributing to homelessness. Hla also believes in the importance of preventing housed residents from falling into homelessness, she will work with Sacramento County and regional partners in ensuring our community’s vulnerable residents have the resources and support to stay afloat.


Strengthening the Folsom Economy 

In fostering economic development for the community, Hla is dedicated to championing existing small businesses and attracting new ventures. Hla aims to unite residents through a community driven general plan that reflects our city's shared vision of prosperity and growth. Through strategic initiatives, Hla will create an environment that not only supports the sustainability of existing small businesses but also actively attracts new enterprises, ensuring a vibrant and resilient local economy that can grow our city's tax base.


Engaging the Youth

Hla's commitment to youth development involves substantial investments in crucial programs offered by the city, fostering collaboration with community colleges and local high schools to ensure enhanced outcomes for the youth. By establishing a dedicated Youth Commission, Hla aims to provide a platform for young leaders to actively participate in shaping the future of the community. Through these initiatives, Hla envisions creating an educational ecosystem that not only prioritizes academic excellence but also nurtures the holistic development of our youth, equipping them with the skills and opportunities needed for a successful future.


Fair Share of Resources

Hla will ensure our district gets our fair share of resources. Through regular visits across the District 2 neighborhoods, Hla will ensure our roads and sidewalks are maintained and invested in. 

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